See what audiences around the world love about PaintJam!

We love fundraisers! PaintJam has raised over 2 million dollars for charities.

When you book PaintJam for your fundraiser, you get more than just world-class entertainment – you get more support for your charity. After his performance, we’ll auction off the stunning paintings Dan creates to support your cause.

So what happens when you decide to hire Dan?

The 3 Steps To A Great Event:

  1. Drop us a line and we’ll get you on our calendar! We’ll set up a call with Dan to talk you through the tech, painting choices and custom options to make sure your event is spectacular.
  2. On the day of the event Dan and his team set up the stage to protect it from paint, add the canvas and backdrop, check the sound and lighting and we’re ready for showtime! Dan creates his masterpieces in the length of a song, the audience gasps in delight and there’s usually a standing ovation!
  3. Post-performance is no muss or fuss – for you anyway! Team PaintJam packs up the stage and checks for errant paint splatters while Dan visits with your guests and poses for selfies.

Doesn’t that sound easy and fun? It is! Contact us at to make your next fundraiser a PaintJam!

Want to see what a PaintJam performance looks like first? Check out the video above to see Dan perform his most popular painting – no spoilers!

"I’ve never seen a performance quite like yours before. Your energy was a perfect match for the mood of the evening and I loved how you surprised us all. I had no idea what to expect…Together we raised more than $2 million dollars in donations..." Sir Richard Branson
"This guy is amazing. Speaking of talented guys we have Dan Dunn… He might be insane. It will blow your mind, the guy is fantastic." Jimmy Fallon
"Our thanks to painter Dan Dunn and his extraordinary portrait of todays starting quarterbacks." Dan Brown, Superbowl XLIV
"You were a huge hit! I am always looking for a dramatic and powerful way to kick off our meetings. Not only did you WOW the audience but you set the right stage and tone for the remainder of our meeting. People are still talking about your performance! Your tribute to our founder was incredibly well done and very moving. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place." Roger McClung Manager, Training & Development Savers Inc.
"What a pleasure it was to have you as part of our annual convention in New Orleans! Your presentation got everyone jazzed up for the conference and was a wonderful way to begin a very exciting conference! Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we were honored to have you…" Deborah Reeve Executive Director National Art Education Association