Still have questions? Please contact info@paintjam.com for any additional questions that you may have.

You can book PaintJam by phone or text at (832)-334-9528 or email us info@paintjam.com. Call today and receive a complementary signed PaintJam print! Serious inquiries only please.
PaintJam offers a unique experience for a variety of events from Private Celebrations and Corporate Meetings to Halftime Shows and Fundraisers. Any event where the element of surprise spurs the excitement of the crowd, that's PaintJam. We offer family friendly entertainment that is sure to amaze your audience of any size.
Do you have a special request for a portrait? We are happy to oblige! Our artists specialize in brand collaboration by integrating a custom logo or message into any painting they have or new ones they create. With a massive collection of artwork to choose from, clients have a variety of painting options that can fit any desired theme for an event.
Please call or text at (832)-334-9528 or email us info@paintjam.com to get a quote on having Harvey and/or Dan perform for your event! We also offer a travel buyout which covers travel, lodging, and painting materials.
Staging - Our ideal stage size is 16’ deep x 24’ wide, the same size as our floor tarp. This space will beautifully display three paintings and protect the venue. We can work on smaller stages if necessary. Each event is unique, we are flexible and can make any situation work. Pipe and Base – 4 bases, 4 uprights that are 12' high and 3 horizontal connections. PaintJam will provide a reusable cloth drape to hang on the pipe and base and cover the stage with tarp. The tarp protects the stage from paint and gives the artist a slip resistant surface. Drapes will be hung by a tour manager on the pipe provided by the client. There should be a minimum of 15’ total between the canvas and the audience. We will also provide a 4' x 24’ tarp to protect floor in front of the stage.
Auctioning the paintings after the show can yield a positive return on your investment. In most cases the proceeds of the painting sales exceed the cost of booking PaintJam. Since 2004, PaintJam has raised millions of dollars for charity and as much as $750,000 for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County alone.
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