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Posted on Jan 31st, 2023

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Opening For NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Performance Artist Harvey Dunn recently did a brand collaboration with a Centennial Celebration of the Chelsea Shul – Chabad in New York City. In minutes Harvey completed a painting of Fiddler On The Roof just moments before The Mayor of New York City arrived to make a speech. The room fell silent as Eric Adams approached the podium to address the audience. His words of empowerment against the unsettling rise of Antisemitism moved the crowd. 

“…in this city where you have the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, I say New York is the Tel Aviv of America….Coming together like this, not allowing fear and hate to keep us from leading in the traditions that make us great….100 years of this great place, of lifting up our faith in the Chelsea area. I wish you 100 years more of success!” 

Brand Collaboration

Immediately following the Mayor’s address, Dunn continued to paint. His second painting illustrated a champagne bottle with the cork mid-pop, spouting bubbles and foam. To personalize the Champagne Bottle painting for his client, Dunn had pre-painted a logo that read L’Chaim (to life) as a label on the bottle. By overlaying a loose piece of canvas onto his stretched canvas he could later remove it to reveal the hidden image underneath. 

“The illusion hides in plain sight…”, Dunn explained.

“…and just when they think the painting is finished, I pull the patch (canvas) and suddenly everybody is included in the show. It’s a moment we can all share together.”

Since PaintJam specializes in brand collaboration, they offer clients a variety of paintings that fit the desired theme for an event. Additionally any painting they have or new ones they create can include the desired custom logo or message. For a Synagogue in New York, the Fiddler On The Roof and Champagne Bottle were well received. The third and final piece, the Statue of Liberty that Dunn painted in only 3 minutes, was electrifying to witness and resonated with the public. As a cash positive act, the proceeds of all three paintings auctioned more than covered PaintJam’s fee. PaintJam has helped raised millions of dollars for charity since 2004 and they can help make your next event unforgettable. 


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"I’ve never seen a performance quite like yours before. Your energy was a perfect match for the mood of the evening and I loved how you surprised us all. I had no idea what to expect…Together we raised more than $2 million dollars in donations..." Sir Richard Branson
"This guy is amazing. Speaking of talented guys we have Dan Dunn… He might be insane. It will blow your mind, the guy is fantastic." Jimmy Fallon
"Our thanks to painter Dan Dunn and his extraordinary portrait of todays starting quarterbacks." Jim Brown, Super Bowl XLIV
"You were a huge hit! I am always looking for a dramatic and powerful way to kick off our meetings. Not only did you WOW the audience but you set the right stage and tone for the remainder of our meeting. People are still talking about your performance! Your tribute to our founder was incredibly well done and very moving. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place." Roger McClung Manager, Training & Development Savers Inc.
"What a pleasure it was to have you as part of our annual convention in New Orleans! Your presentation got everyone jazzed up for the conference and was a wonderful way to begin a very exciting conference! Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we were honored to have you…" Deborah Reeve Executive Director National Art Education Association